Riding Lessons

Our hours of operation are:

Sunday, Monday and Friday – Closed

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Saturday – 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Public Holidays – Closed


Private Lesson – 25 minutes – $50.00 per rider

Private Lesson – 50 minutes – $95.00 per rider

Group Lesson (2-4 riders) – 50 minutes – $65.00 per rider

Lesson Information

Lessons last for either 25 minutes or 50 minutes, and can be held either privately or as a group lesson.

If it is your first time attending Danbury we require riders to arrive 5 mins prior to their time to fill out a waiver form and fit helmets if needed.

In all lessons there is a short period where the rider adjusts their stirrups and gets ready to commence the lesson.

Private lessons are typically one-on-one with the instructor and provide individual instruction.

Group lessons involve two to four riders at the same time, and require that the rider has achieved a minimum level of competency. For beginning riders it is recommended that they take some private lessons first until they reach the required level of riding skill. Private lessons are also recommended for first time riders at Danbury Park so that the instructor can assess the level of riding skill before going into a group lesson.

Lessons take place either outside or in the indoor arena, depending on weather and ground condition. Lessons are only cancelled if temperatures reach above 32 degrees or if there are damaging winds.


By making a booking for a lesson, we are committed to you and you are committed to us. At least
24 hours notice of cancellation is required in order for us to rebook the horse or instructor for that
hour. We do not ask you to pay in advance for your lessons however, if less than 24 hours notice of
a cancellation is given you are required to pay for your booking – regardless of illness or other
extenuating circumstances. Although this is your leisure it is our full time living therefore we ask
you to pay for your booking if less than 24 hours notice is given. Theory on all aspects of horse
management is an alternative if you do not feel up to riding.


Safety is our number one priority. Accordingly, we ask that you obey the following basic safety
APPROVED HELMETS are compulsory for all riders. While we hire helmets in the beginning, we
recommend that each rider purchases a correctly fitted approved riding helmet. Parents need to be
responsible for the fitting of their child’s helmet before they start their lesson.
FOOTWEAR. It is very important that riders have the correct footwear. We strongly recommend
that each rider purchases a pair of correctly fitted riding boots.
HORSES are very SENSITIVE and UNPREDICTABLE creatures. They also KICK. Always be extremely
cautious when you’re around the horses and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES:
(a) Walk BEHIND a horse;
(b) Let DOGS out of your car;
(c) Bring UMBRELLAS up to the arena; or
(d) Bring PLASTIC BAGS onto the property.
In addition, please note that RIDERS ONLY are permitted in the arena and the arena gateway must
be kept CLEAR at all times