Horse Profiles



Cooper, who is Thoroughbred X Welsh Mountain, is a 14.3hh former Show Hunter Galloway and a place-winner at the Royal Melbourne Show. He competed under the name ‘Cheraton Moonwalker’, winning the prestigious title of Western Port Dressage Club Horse of the Year in 2005. He has also accrued many championship wins in EFA Dressage, Pony Club, Interschool competitions as well as many Agricultural Show Championships.. An attractive and confident chestnut with a white blaze and socks, Cooper is as lovely to look at as he is to ride (which he definitely knows). Like Glen, Cooper is particularly good to ride if you wish to concentrate on your position or technique. Being half pony, Cooper has a slightly cheeky personality, and although he’s a great athlete, he is certainly very food-oriented, so it’s important never to forget his treat!



Bronson is a 13.3hh Haflinger pony. Bronson is the most beautiful looking pony with big stocky legs, so don’t let his height fool you he can take on the older taller riders aswell due to his build. Bronson is happy to plod around on the lazier side for beginners but if you are able to challenge him and push him on he is great fun for that more confident rider aswell.





Milo is a 14hh Buckskin Gelding. Milo is great for beginners up to intermediate riders, he loves to keep his riders safe! Milo’s favourite thing to do is jump and go for bareback rides. You will always catch Milo trying to sniff out treats and wanting loads of pats and cuddles. Make sure you say hi to Milo if you see him out in the front paddock as you come in.





Her official name being Habafield Spritely Lass, Sprite is a 14hh bay New Forest Pony. Despite being a mother of two, she still manages to clear jumps of up to 1.1 metres with lots of energy and pizzazz. The favourite of many, Sprite is best suited to the more intermediate and experienced young riders, especially those who are keen to learn show jumping or improve their existing show jumping skills. Sprite has been extremely well trained & placed well at Agricultural Shows along with Pony Club experience, and is frequently ridden after-hours by Danbury Park’s junior instructors. But it’s not only the riders who love Sprite – she’s captured the hearts of many of our geldings, as well!


Crackers also known as Kaeandar Chocolate Crackle is a gorgeous little appaloosa gelding pony, he stands 13.2hh has a very sweet nature, a talent for jumping and a love of games! Born on the peninsula he has been a favourite pony for many young children. Being one an older pony Crackers has had many many years teaching children how to ride, keeping them safe and developing their confidence. Crackers loves his treats, be careful not to make too many rustling noises in the grandstand while lessons are on ….he will try and get an early snack if he can get away with it.



Puzzle is a 15hh arab x stockhorse gelding. Puzzle is great for improving your balance and seat due to his bouncy trot, if you can do sitting trot on Puzzle you will be able to do sitting trot on any horse! Puzzle has a lovely rocking horse canter and super smooth transitions in to his canter. Puzzle loves his food and he will always let you know if you have forgotten his treats.






Peppa is a 16.2hh Grey Thoroughbred Gelding. Peppa is our biggest school horse here at Danbury Park. Peppa is used mainly for our more intermediate adult riders, as he is a quirky horse at times. Peppa will lick you to death he is a gentle giant!






Owendale Rajah, our 12.3 hh section B welsh pony is fairly to Danbury Park. Raj is well known around the peninsula pony clubs, also a success in the show ring! Raj’s favourite disipline is the cross country he will happily carry young children around a course at whichever speed you set him at. With a keen safe jump he is an excellent confidence booster. Raj also loves water!!!!! he will gladly take you in the dam for a splash or even if your keen he will take you swimming including jumping of his back!



Cassie is a pinto skewbald x arab mare, standing at 13.3hh. Although Cassie is one of our more forward ponies she is very quite with a very sweet pleasing nature. Like most of the other ponies here at Danbury Park Cassie has had many years of pony club experience, loves games, jumping, playing in the dam and bareback riding.



Dinky and Teddy

Danbury Parks resident donkeys. Teddy and Dinky are the cheekiest residents we have here at Danbury Park, they are always looking for carrots and will sniff you out if you have any! You might even hear them before you see them!







Rocky and Buzz

Rocky and Buzz are owned by Rhiannon your instructor here at Danbury Park. Rhiannon Competes in Eventing and Showjumping on Rocky and Buzz. If you see these two in the paddocks don’t forgot to say hi to them.