Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
Ideally you should wear jodhpurs or soft leggings – if you don’t have those then tracksuit pants are fine. However, we don’t recommend jeans, especially for men, since they have a tendency to rub leg hairs off which can cause a bit of pain!
On the feet, some kind of boot is preferred (even a gumboot for children). We don’t recommend runners – please be aware that riding boots are required for maximum safety. (If you can’t find any boots we often have some, we can lend you for a lesson or two to get you up and going).
Am I too old to start riding?
Of course not! One of our most regular riders is over 70 years old and has three lessons a week! As long as you’re keen and willing to learn then that’s all you need.
At what age should my child start riding
We take children 8 years of age and above.
Can I have lessons along with my child?
Definitely! We do have some family members that ride together. 
How frequently should I come?
You can come as often as you like, however if you really want to improve your riding we recommend lessons at least once a week, and more often if possible. That way you are able to build on your riding fitness and your skills, without losing ground between lessons.
How many private lessons do I need before I join a group?
It’s hard to know without seeing you ride, at minimum you need to be able to do a rising trot. We will let you know when you are ready, and you can choose to move into a group or continue to ride privately.
Do you still hold lessons when the weather is too wet/cold/hot?
We have a 60m x 20m indoor riding arena that we use all year round, depending on conditions. It is used during winter when it is too wet or windy to ride outdoors, or when the ground is too soft. We also use the arena in summer (unless it gets over 32°C). If the weather is nice and the ground isn’t too soft, then we ride outdoors.
How much do lessons cost?
For costs of riding lessons, please go to the Riding Lessons page , or you can download the General Information sheet on the timetable and waiver forms page.
What type of payment do you accept?
We don’t have credit card or EFTPOS facilities – payment is cash on the day of the lesson. If this doesn’t suit you direct deposit is also accepted. You can email us for our banking details. Please note that direct deposit payments need to be made 7 days prior to your lesson
I'm lost? Where are you again?

The best way to find us is to use the Melways – we’re shown on Map 140 E12 as “Danbury Park Indoor Equestrian Centre”. If you’re coming from Melbourne via the Monash Freeway , just follow the signs towards Hastings. We are just before the Eramosa Rd intersection on the Dandenong Hastings Rd (also known as the Westernport Highway).

If you’re still unclear, detailed directions are available by clicking here (Adobe PDF). A map can be found here. We can also give you more details when you make a booking

Do you have trail rides?
This is the most frequently asked question – and the answer is no! However, if you’d like some lessons to make your next trail ride more enjoyable, please contact us!
I'm quite a heavy rider, can I still have riding lessons?
Please be aware that for health and safety reasons we need to limit the weight of riders to 80kg, as our horses aren’t large enough or strong enough to carry much more than that for a lesson.
Is there anything I should do before I leave home?
Bring a treat for your horse. At the end of your riding session a good way to thank your horse is to offer a treat. Cut up two carrots or apples and bring them along with you.